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Services Offered: Self Pay

Private Pay refers to the method of payment under which providers are paid for each service performed. Home care or home health care services, when paid for privately or “out-of-pocket” by a family or a recipient of care or a fiduciary are oftentimes referred to as Private Pay services. These services are paid directly by the patient and his or her family members to the care provider agency or may be covered by long term care insurance.
Private Sources of Funds:

Care IV Home Health can assess a patient’s needs and assist in determining if the care can be covered by any source, and, if not, Care IV can provide in-home care services that the patient pays for privately. Choosing to stay at home when ill or recuperating or simply needing assistance with some activities of daily living is possible with the assistance of Care IV Home Health services.

For more information on services that are privately paid, please visit this Web site or download the PDF referenced in this site.

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