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Services Offered: Live-in Services

When appropriate, Care IV Home Health can staff a “live-in”. When round-the-clock care is needed, but the client does not need one-on-one attention each and every hour, a live-in may be appropriate. The live-in must have a separate place to sleep that is in a private place separate from the client, plus the live-in must be able to have time that is not totally allocated to direct care or housekeeping duties during the day. Usually the routine would be getting up and ready for the day, plus breakfast and clean up, lunch and clean up, dinner and clean up, getting ready for bed (including personal care assistance) plus eight hours of sleep at night, with only one-two times up to toilet at night.

We provide live-in care for many different reasons, varying from daily assistance of a home health aide to short term special training for family members. Live-in care is available for just a weekend, an extended stay or permanent care is available.

Live-in care can support your loved ones in removing some of the worry and responsibility of having to care and fend for themselves and their homes. It gives them the freedom to enjoy time on their own without the risk of an undetected accident.  The family can check in as often as needed, and they are alerted immediately should any condition change.

Call Care IV Home Health or email Care IV Home Health for fast and friendly attention or for more information on how we can best meet home care and home health needs in Arkansas.

Staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to serve needs as they arise.

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