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Services Offered: Elder Choices

ElderChoices is Arkansas’ Medicaid home and community-based waiver program designed for the elderly population. ElderChoices, implemented July 1, 1991, is designed for persons who, due to physical, cognitive or medical reasons, require a level of assistance that would have to be provided in a nursing facility, if it were not for the services offered through this program. The program is designed to assist elderly persons reside in their own homes, or live with relatives or caregivers for as long as possible, if that is their choice.

ElderChoices has provided services to more than 13,000 elderly Arkansans since 1991. There are currently 6,368 recipients participating in the program with a statewide total of 276 providers of service.  CARE IV provides some of these services in some areas of Arkansas.

The services offered through this program include:

In addition to ElderChoices services, waiver recipients may receive other Medicaid covered services such as physician visits, some prescription drugs, personal care and others. A nurse us employed by Elder Choice services who goes out and evaluates every person who requests services.

Need More Information?
If you need more information about the ElderChoices Program or have concerns regarding your ElderChoices services, please call your local DHS County Office or the Division of Aging and Adult Services at 1-800-981-4457, or locally at 501-682-2441 OR Arkansas Relay Service at 1-800-285-1121 (VOICE) OR 1-800-285-1131 (TDD).

Need An Application?
If you would like an application for the ElderChoices Program, please call or visit your local DHS County Office.

Call Care IV Home Health or email Care IV Home Health for fast and friendly attention or for more information on how we can best meet home care and home health needs in Arkansas.

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