Home Health or Nursing Home? Best Senior Care Option for You

Home Health Care or Nursing Home? The Best Senior Care Option for You

Home Health Care or Nursing Home? The Best Senior Care Option for You, ,

If day-to-day activities are becoming painful or difficult to complete, it may be time to look for outside assistance. The two most popular options for senior care are home health care to assist with your care or moving to a nursing home. Both are excellent choices and have many benefits. To help you decide, Care IV Home Health, with locations in Little Rock, Hot Springs, Fayetteville and Russellville, AR, shares the differences between the two.

Nursing homes and home health care help differ in the following ways:

  • Living Location: One of the biggest differences between having home health care and moving to a nursing home is your permanent place of residence. An in-home service will send a qualified professional to assist you in your house, which allows you to stay where you are. A nursing home requires you to move into one of their community apartments. For those whose residence holds special sentimental value, in-home senior care may be the best choice.
  • nursingAmount of Help Provided: At a nursing home, you’ll receive as much help as you require. With doctors and nurses on staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you never need to worry about an emergency. If you require a lot of assistance throughout your day, a retirement home can supply you with ample care. Home Health care staff is on duty for only a few hours a day, so you should consider how much help you really need before making your choice.
  • Cost: It is important to consider the cost of both options to determine what your budget will allow. Senior communities may be partially covered by Medicare or Medicaid but can still cost between $4,000 and $8,000 per month. Home health care is also covered by Medicare or Medicaid for skilled needs and paid by the hour privately for those needs not covered by Medicare. You can adjust the schedule to fit your budget.

Both home health and nursing homes are excellent options when it comes to senior care. To learn more about home health care from a service that will provide compassionate help with your day-to-day activities, turn to Care IV Home Health. Call (501) 686-2400 for more information on how Care IV Home Health can assist you.