6 Facts About Private Duty Home Health

6 Facts About Private Duty Home Health

Being hospitalized is a stressful hardship, not only for patients, but also for family, friends and loved-ones. Imagine being burdened with an illness or medical condition that results in long-term, or possibly even life-long, hospitalization. Everyone prefers to be at home, but many families cannot accommodate providing their health-challenged loved one with around-the-clock care on their own. Private duty home health can be a great asset.

Care IV Home Health, the leading Private Duty Home Health provider in Arkansas, offers the following facts about private duty home health:

What are the advantages to private duty home health?

Private duty nursing is of great value to patients and their families because it allows patients, who may otherwise live out their lives in a hospital or rehab facility, to instead live at home. PDN patients enjoy the care provided by an LPN or RN, who spends time caring for them in their home, on a shift basis. These shifts may vary in length according to patient/family preference and what is allowed by their insurer, Medicaid provider or personal budget if paying privately. Private duty home health is often a great advantage to the patients, families and their Nurses because it allows a more personal, fulfilling, and less stressful one-on-one care situation. Greater focus and attention can be provided to the patient by the Nurse and, in turn, the Nurses enjoy seeing their patient thrive in the home setting.

What type of care does private duty home health provide?

Examples of private duty nursing care may include: medication administration, monitoring of vitals, ventilator monitoring, trach care, catheter care, and any other skilled nursing need depending on a patient’s medical condition, rules stipulated by their pay source, and their doctor’s orders. Some private duty patients may qualify for additional home health services such as personal care (CNA), therapy (from a licensed Therapist), or even intermittent skilled nursing.

How do I pay for private duty home health?

Private duty nursing may be covered by Medicaid, commercial insurance or private pay.

Do they have to be a certain age to qualify?

Care IV Home Health provides private duty services to patients of all ages. Your insurance may have certain restrictions, depending on the plan. For Medicaid, private duty nursing services may be approved for any age if they meet the qualifications specified by the Medicaid PDN program and approved by Medicaid Utilization Review. There are no age limits for private pay.

What are some other qualifiers for the Medicaid PDN program?

Medicaid Private Duty qualifying rules vary from state-to-state, but in Arkansas, basic qualifiers may include (but are not necessarily limited to):  Ventilator-dependency, IV drugs (IV antibiotics, pain relief or chemotherapy), respiratory / tracheostomy care or oxygen supplementation, total care of ADL’s and close patient monitoring, hyper alimentation-parenteral or enteral. (Please contact Care IV Home Health for more information regarding qualifiers)

Can my loved one still attend school with private duty care?

Some PDN programs allow nurses to accompany children when they attend school to provide for their skilled care needs (if approved by the school district and Medicaid or other payer source). This can allow the person to socialize, reach developmental milestones, and continue their education in a traditional learning environment. Commercial insurances may vary, so check with your insurer to assess your coverage level. Private pay may possibly qualify as well.

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