3 Ways to Prevent Falls in the Home

3 Ways to Prevent Falls in the Home

Did you know that falls are one of the leading causes of injury for older adults? If you have elderly loved ones that still live independently, start thinking about the steps you can take to prevent falls in the home. Care IV Home Health, the leading in-home health care company in Arkansas, offers a wide network of professional caregivers to help seniors maintain a high quality of life in the comfort of their own home. The health care professionals are here to discuss a few of the ways to best avoid injuries.

How to Prevent Falls in the Home

1. Remove Potential Hazards

Do a walk through of your loved one’s home to look for any potential tripping hazards that should be removed. These may include electrical cords, boxes, and plant stands. Also, examine the floors and hallways, and repair any loose floorboards or carpeting.

2. Install Safety Equipment

There is a wide variety of specialized safety equipment you can install to prevent falls in the bathroom or shower. Guardrails provide additional balance, while shower chairs allow a senior to sit so they don’t have to worry about slipping. Other types of equipment include nonslip floor mats, elevated toilets, and detachable shower heads.

3. Keep the Home Well Lit

Keeping the home brightly lit helps your loved one spot any objects that may be otherwise difficult to see. It’s important they turn on the light before walking down any staircases or entering any room.

Hiring a trusted caregiver is an effective way to ensure your loved one’s safety and prevent falls in the home. For the leading in-home care professionals in Arkansas, turn to the staff at Care IV Home Health. Call (888) 731-2273 to schedule a consultation, and visit the website for more information on their services.