Company Cars

We’d like a quick minute to boast about our company cars: Our fleet has now grown to 14 cars and counting! It was just a few years ago that we decided to take a leap of faith on a new company car program. While the majority of our competitors were phasing out their company car programs, we decided to launch ours. We knew most of the other home health agencies discontinued their company cars due to the financial overhead and the amount of work that goes into these types of incentive programs, but we feel the advantages for our employees outweighs any headaches that may be associated with this venture. In short – our employees are worth it! So onward goes our car program and we are so pleased to hear the positive feedback from our grateful and hardworking staff. It’s been a pleasure to see our cars out and about, burning up the road as our Nurses visit patients in their homes to do what they do best – provide excellent care.

It’s a GREAT day at Care IV!


ALICIA ALTIMA CARS LINED UP - FRONT mary beth 2019 altima SENTRA 1 STEVEN SENTRA kimmie new car